John Besh's New Cookbook, A Decade After Hurricane Katrina

September 29, 2015
By: Hunter Atkins, Forbes
Photo: BRG

“There’s a rawness to New Orleans,” chef John Besh says.

Besh might as well be talking about any time in the city’s history, but he is discussing the present–the new New Orleans. Ten years since Hurricane Katrina submerged 80 percent of America’s most soulful city, business is up and the culture is back, thriving in some ways more than it ever has.

“We have this boom in tourism,” Besh explains. “People come here to create business, they have ideas. There’s no rules. Call it gentrification or whatever, we have young people here to become teachers….You haven’t had a situation like this where a major American city has gone from zero occupants to getting back on its feat to surpassing where it had been. New Orleans got adopted by the entire country”