John Besh wows with latest cookbook, visit to Mobile

November 11, 2015
By: Andy Macdonald, Lagniappe Weekly

The modern chef is used to, even expects, fame. Television channels devoted to shows about rising stars and competitive cooking have eroded our senses to the point we accept every chef needs a trophy room and multiple projects heavily promoted on the air. It’s all about the credentials.

But when you hear the name John Besh it really doesn’t conjure up the image of flash and flare. There’s no catchphrase, bleached hair or crazy sunglasses. Sure, he’s a TV star in an understated way.

His restaurant August was a bit of a renaissance for New Orleans-style dining. He’s a James Beard award winner. The Besh Foundation works to preserve our manner of eating here on the Gulf Coast and in his beloved New Orleans. In short, he has the credentials. But with his Southern charm and laid-back aura, he speaks more than most by saying less. He speaks with flavor.