May 15,2015
By: Beth Lipton, Travel & Leisure 

“Let’s go to New Orleans to detox,” said no one, ever. Let’s face it: the Crescent City is a draw largely for its open-container, anything-goes, embrace-debauchery attitude.

That’s a great reason to love it, but even the hardest partiers need a break. Good news: if you find yourself craving a salad or a green juice after a long night of barhopping or a few too many beignets, you’ll find plenty of health food options all over NOLA.

Satsuma Café
Just off Piety Street in the Bywater you’ll find Satsuma Café, where you’ll likely wait in line for fresh-squeezed organic juices, fortifying breakfasts—celebrity restaurateur John Besh orders the green breakfast sandwich and the immune booster juice—or, for lunch, generous salads and sandwiches. There’s plenty here for more traditional eaters (bagels, ham, bacon, cheeses, biscuits), along with the wheatgrass shots, quinoa, and kale you’d expect from a healthy eatery. Grab an outdoor table when weather permits (but beware of the aggressive sparrows; we saw one steal the bacon right off someone’s plate) or sit in the eclectically decorated inside area, a smiling server will deliver your food.

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