Rising Up: Meet New Orleans’ Next Great Pastry Chef

August 10, 2015
By: Nick Weldon, Go Nola
Photo: Rush Gajoe

Christian LeBlanc’s road to becoming one of New Orleans’ most promising young pastry chefs started inauspiciously. It was a Saturday night, he had just showered before bedtime, and he was making his way to his room when he caught a sweet scent emanating from the kitchen across the hall. His mother, an administrative assistant and hobbyist baker, had prepped cinnamon rolls for the morning. With the coast clear, he and his brother crept into the kitchen. “We made a total mess of ourselves playing in the dough and flour,” he says.

In hindsight, LeBlanc, 18, ought to be forgiven for the pastry massacre that survives as one of his earliest and fondest kitchen memories; he was “four or five years old,” after all, and the curiosity has served him well in the years since.