Wine Festival at Five Rivers for Catholic Social Services

September 23, 2015
By:Andy McDonald, Lagniappe

The past few years John Besh has become one of my favorite chefs. Actually, I think he may be my favorite chef. There is a certain class about Besh that makes you want to do better. On TV he comes across as easygoing and makes you believe you can do it. You can, by the way, but maybe not as well as he can. As a writer he is one great storyteller who puts you in the mood to cook.

His new cookbook “Besh Big Easy” is a grand departure from his last “Cooking from the Heart” in that this one gets down to the nitty-gritty. He explains the book is intentionally paperback and he hopes for pages to be stained as it is opened on your kitchen counter rather than on your coffee table. This doesn’t revisit his first book, “My New Orleans,” but rather shows how his cooking has evolved from chef to scruffy, bearded dad.