Slim Down with Soup – It’s True!

January 2016
By:Tanji, Good Taste

The key to looking and feeling your best this New Year may be as simple as a piping hot bowl of soup. And science agrees! Research has shown that a serving of the good stuff often makes for the perfect meal substitute to richer, higher-calorie dense foods. These hearty eats are known to help regulate your blood sugar and make you feel fuller—faster! In general, soups have a low number of calories as compared to their serving size. They’re filling, yet easy for your body to digest. Bottom line–you’ll see results on the scale in no time. In fact, one study from Penn State found that consuming soup resulted in about a 450-calorie drop per meal! 

Celebrity Chef John Besh dished on recipe for White Squash & Shrimp Soup, included in his brand new cookbook out now. It’s a heftier offering that features green and white striped Southern heirloom cushaw squash and wild brown shrimp sourced from Lake Pontchartrain. Here’s to home cooked happiness on a plate!