maggie moore


BY MAGGIE MOORE, EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT TO JOHN BESH: My best Mardi Gras experience to date was getting to ride as the returning queen in the Krewe of Freret during their inaugural parade down St. Charles. This was the first time I rode in a parade, and it was so much fun! On top of that, being able to ride on a royalty float is an experience that I didn’t think I would ever have. From the start of my day at 7:00am until the end of the after party, I had a blast every second of the day.

My day started with a bloody mary in hand while I was escorted in a limo to the float line up. This Krewe had been waiting two years to receive a permit to roll, and the day had finally come. The best part about the ride was that I had some of my friends on the float by my side.

It was such a great time to ride down St. Charles Avenue and see family and friends waving and saying hello. Some friends that I saw, I hadn’t seen since high school!

As we all know around here, I dance when I’m extremely happy. My favorite quote of the day came from one of the founders of the parade who was on the float behind me. “You know, most queens just wave to the crowd. Not you and your friends! Every time I looked at your float, you girls were dancing.” I danced the entire parade! I have mastered dancing and throwing beads to the crowds.

After my first and last ride as queen, I can’t wait to join the crowds in the streets this weekend. And look for me next year breaking it down with the Krewe of Freret once again!


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