Diary 11|3|2015: John Besh Takes Over Pontchartrain Hotel Eateries.

November 2, 2015
By: Tom Fitzmorris, The New Orleans Menu

After all that rain over the weekend, we were due for clearing skies today. But it didn’t happen. Indeed, I had to make a run for it when Mary Ann and I convened for luncheon red beans at New Orleans Food & Spirits at noonish. I have at least a dozen umbrellas, but that’s clearly not enough. Enough is when you can find one. Just one.

Back at my desk, I find a message of great import from public relations lady Maggie Moore at the Besh Restaurant Group. Besh and company will be taking over all the food service operations of the Pontchartrain Hotel.

The implications of this are large. Thinking about them brings up the whole history of the hotel and its restaurants, which will not be well known to most diners under the age of forty.