tabasco original red sauce

Kelly Fields: Sweet and Spicy


In March, The John Besh Foundation hosted their first solo fundraiser Fetes des Chefs: one night with 10 dinners cooked by 10 different chefs from all over the country happening all at the same time at 10 different homes all over New Orleans. It was an incredible feat and when the team was in the planning process, I walked upstairs to their office and noticed they were thinking about a dessert after party. As they tell it, I casually asked if I could invite some friends too, and before we knew it, there were just as many pastry chefs coming to New Orleans as culinary chefs. When Tabasco said they would sponsor the after party along with Valrhona, I knew I had to create something special to showcase the unmistakable flavor of the Original Red Sauce.

Conceptually I wanted to create a fun and surprising dessert to showcase the versatility of Tabasco Original Red Sauce.  Taking inspiration from Mexican Chocolate (as well as dipping french fries in my chocolate shake as a kid..or an adult), I realized Valrhona chocolate was the perfect vessel to translate the complexity of Tabasco flavors into a sweet application.

I can't wait for next year's bigger and better Fetes des Chefs!

Kelly Fields can be reached at She opens Willa Jean, a bakery and cafe named for her grandmother with Chef Lisa White in late Summer 2015. For more information about The John Besh Foundation, visit